Volunteer Spotlight: RICNA Group

The RICNA group is a group of friends in the Richmond community who all come from the same area in India who are also dedicated to serving their community. In 2015, the group was searching for another opportunity to get involved on the weekends and reached out to RMHC. Since October 2015, The RICNA group has been making dinners at RMHC for the families each month.

Volunteering at RMHC has given the group the opportunity to continue their tradition of community service and instill those values in their younger generations. The group quickly learned how a home cooked meal brings smiles and comfort to the families after a long day at the hospital. The RICNA Group, especially the children, are so excited to volunteer at RMHC and give back to families here. They take pride in knowing that they are bringing comfort to the families in times of hardship and take pride in helping families who need it most.

We are so grateful to The RICNA group for their continued support each and every month. Thank you all for helping to create a home away from home for the families staying at RMHC.