Volunteer Spotlight- Paula!

RMHC of Richmond would like recognize Paula Demmert as our volunteer of the month for May! After a change in work situation, Paula decided that she wanted to return to giving back to her community. Paula chose RMHC because she had a friend whose son required multiple heart surgeries out of town, so the family had to stay at a Ronald McDonald House in another area. Paula said she had never before considered all of the various stressors associated with a sick child’s treatment, and she was touched by what RMHC was able to provide for her friend.

When she approached RMHC about volunteer opportunities she could partake in, she learned that the Richmond house would soon be starting the Happy Wheels Program at the Children’s Pavilion at VCU. Paula said she was very drawn to the idea and helped RMHC get the program started.

Paula says she enjoys interacting with the children that are in need of distraction during a difficult time. She loves supplying the children there with fun activities from the cart because she knows that something as simple as a coloring book can make all the difference to a child with a worried parent. Paula expressed that she can see the value of a simple distraction at a time like that. She says the most rewarding part of the experience is glancing back at a room full of quietly and happily entertained children. Thank you so much, Paula for continuing to be a driving force in our Happy Wheels program at the Children’s Pavilion at VCU.