Volunteer Spotlight- Kris!

This month, we would like to highlight Kris, one of our House Volunteers who help with the day to day tasks of making sure the house runs smoothly. Kris is originally from Lancaster, PA, in the middle of Amish country. She moved to Richmond to attend college at the University of Richmond, fell in love with the city, and has remained here ever since.

Kris retired from the human services field a year ago where she worked with people with disabilities. Kris started volunteering at RMHC in July of 2016 as specifically wanted to volunteer at RMHC because it is related to human services while allowing her the opportunity to give back to the community. RMHC’s mission of providing support to families receiving medical treatment personally speaks to her. Kris truly feels that RMHC is a great fit for her and hasn’t looked back since.

Kris’s favorite part about being at RMHC is being there for the families in different ways every week. She says that feeling like she’s contributing to something bigger than herself is really important to her. She enjoys doing fun activities with kids like reading and putting together puzzles. She likes the administrative tasks too, such as answering phones, writing thank you notes, and accepting donations on behalf of the house. She also loves how positive the RMHC staff is and is excited to keep volunteering at the house.

Thank you, Kris for your dedication to RMHC and for being such an integral part of serving families!