Sharing the Love on Valentine’s Day

Recap by Dayna Cobb, RMHC Richmond Family Room Coordinator

Ronald McDonald Houses Charities of Richmond would like to thank Jeniece and Kevin Roane for sponsoring a special pre-Valentine’s Day dinner for the inpatient and pediatric emergency department families at the Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU.

On Wednesday February 13, 2019, over 80 parents and caregivers enjoyed a hot dinner and a bit of respite, thanks to Ronald McDonald House Charities of Richmond, Mission BBQ, and the generous donation from Mr. and Mrs. Roane.

With the help of the VCU Child Life staff, parents and caregivers were made aware of the special dinner earlier that day by going room to room and inviting them to join us in the Kiwanis Room that evening for a special pre-Valentine’s Day Dinner.

There were many families eagerly awaiting dinner when the team arrived to set up the event! The room was filled with smiles and laughter, and parents were encouraged to take back stuffed animals, story books and Valentine’s Day treat bags to their child, which were donated by various RMHC supporters.

Mission BBQ was very happy to be part of this event! When contacted, a catering representative told RMHC that although Mission BBQ works with nonprofits, their focus is mainly military charities and organizations that support our troops. She suggested we contact their catering manager, Maria, directly to discuss our needs and the possibility of partnering for the event.

After a brief phone introduction, Maria asked for clarification on what local charity she was speaking with. After hearing the call was from the Richmond Ronald McDonald House, her words were “Whatever you need, I will do.” Maria shared that she had stayed at the Ronald McDonald House in Atlanta years ago when her sons were born, and was not aware that there was a house located in Richmond, only a few miles away from Mission BBQ. Maria created a menu that fed not only the families on the PICU and pediatric unit floor, but also those familes in the NICU unit, with plenty to spare for leftover lunch the next day. The families enjoyed pork and chicken BBQ, plus mac and cheese, green beans, salad, cornbread and rolls.

Not wanting to forget the families who were in the pediatric emergency department, RMHC brought boxed sandwich dinners to the unit, that were easy for the staff to hand out as needed. Valentine treat bags were also given to the staff to hand out to the patients and their siblings.

There were many thank you’s, smiles and hugs as the parents and caregivers expressed their gratefulness for the event. They appreciated the hot meal and the fellowship that came with eating with others who are also caring for their hospitalized children. Thank you to Jeneice and Kevin Roane, Ronald McDonald House Charities of Richmond and Mission BBQ for making this amazing event possible!