Traditionally the most wonderful time of the year!

Just like your family, our staff is full of fun and different traditions that they do with their families! Here’s a sneak peek into some of our staff’s favorite holiday traditions.

Danielle: In Colombia, there is a tradition known as “noche de las velitas” (the night of the candles) that takes place on December 7th. and this is what kicks off the Holiday season. We light up candles of different colors, and place them everywhere on the streets, windowsills, literally everywhere! This is done, to celebrate the virgin Mary.

Allison: My favorite holiday tradition is listening to the Alabama Christmas album from 1985. Alabama is my mom’s favorite country music band and we used to listen to this album every year while decorating the Christmas tree. Even though I know the words to every song, my favorite has always been Thistlehair the Christmas Bear!

Diana: My family celebrates Three Kings Day which is a Spanish holiday that is celebrated in the Philippines. On the night of January 5th, we put a shoe out on the mantle with candy in it. During the night, the three kings come, take the candy, and leave 3 presents!!

Barb: My daughter and her family and I started to do is celebrate Christmas on January 1st which means that we combine our celebrations of New Years Day and Christmas Day on the same day; not traditional, but it works for us!!

Bridie: Having turkey at Thanksgiving and Christmas was too much. So, Boyd makes a cuban dinner for Thanksgiving: Mojo Pork, Black Beans and Rice, Yucca, and a green salad. It’s different and then we are really ready for turkey when Christmas comes around!!

Amy: Our family has moved several times, so we don’t have a special Christmas event or service we attend. The one tradition that has followed us from state to state is Christmas Morning Coffee Cake. As a child, my mom always made Christmas Morning Coffee Cake on Christmas morning. My sisters and I would wait anxiously for the cake to come out of the oven. My mom only made this cake one time a year, and we loved the special treat! When I had kids of my own, my mom gave me her cast iron bundt pan so I could continue the tradition. I have to admit my children have never loved Christmas Morning Coffee Cake the way I do, and the tradition now gives us a good laugh every year! My kids now ask, “Do we have to have Christmas Morning Coffee Cake?” The answer is, “Yes and you will like it!” My daughter has asked for chocolate chip pancakes this year and I may make them…. after we finish the Christmas Morning Coffee Cake!

Meredith: Every year I remember my dad would make potato latkes and my brother and I would switch each night who got to say the prayer over the Hanukkah candles.

Rainey: It’s hard to pick one thing, but one of my favorite things is ordering the “family ornament” for the year. It is so much fun to put the new one and past ones on the tree!

Tunstall: Every year we go down to the Jefferson Hotel as a family, look at the lights, tree and gingerbread creation. The adults will have champagne and the kids love enjoying hot chocolate. Afterwards, we go out to dinner.