November: Mission Accomplished!

When Erin found out that she was expecting, she decided to make the move from Texas back to her home state of Virginia to be closer to her mom. As she got into her third trimester, it became clear that she wasn’t progressing as quickly as expected. After consulting with specialty doctors at Chippenham Hospital in Richmond—two hours away from her home in Dundas, VA—she learned that her child was suffering from gastroschisis, a condition in which a baby’s intestines grow on the outside of their body.

After hearing this heartbreaking news, Erin was unsure of how she could stay nearby baby Isabella for an extended period of time while she was undergoing treatment. Erin’s doctor connected her to a social worker who gave her information about staying at the Ronald McDonald House. Erin was so relieved to learn about this resource, as her original plan was to stay at a homeless shelter in Richmond while Isabella received treatment.


Erin was so grateful for the support that she received through meal volunteers, transportation, and caring staff. Erin expressed that, “Everyone is so generous and sincerely wants to help families who are going through tough times.” Erin also noted that there is an “overwhelming positivity throughout the entire house.”

While Erin stayed at the house she formed relationships with other families going through similar situations. The day Isabella was discharged from Chippenham, Erin couldn’t wait to stop by the House to say goodbye, before heading back to her home in Dundas. Erin was brought to tears to share in the joy with staff, volunteers, and other families staying at the Ronald McDonald House!