Mission- Accomplished!

Leisa Lefew one day noticed that her twin sons Chris and Riley were experiencing digestive problems as babies. Originally, the problems were thought to be normal but after a few months the issues became worse. By their toddler years, they were in and out of doctors’ appointments and on numerous medications to ease their pain.

Within the recent months, Chris and Riley were able to stay for three weeks at the Ronald McDonald House (RMHC). While they stayed here, they were able to have surgery to help with their digestive issues. In addition to this, nurses from a local hospital made home visits to RMHC to teach them how to use the equipment given to them at their surgery. Because the Lefews lived four hours away, staying in Richmond gave them the chance to have these home visits regularly.

As their stay came to a close, Leisa expressed a great amount of gratitude to the volunteers. “I am amazed by the number of volunteers and different services that come to the House!” She was touched by the warmth volunteers showed her kids and the meals they provided. She couldn’t imagine going through this time and having to think about where her next meal was going to come from.

Leisa’s gratitude does not just stay in her heart but is expressed in her actions as well. After learning how much money was raised last year from pop top donations, Leisa and her kids began to save pop tops and donate them to the House. She continues to give back!