Mission Accomplished in June!

When 4-year old Alvin was not eating enough, his parents, Adam and Eliza, knew immediate medical attention was necessary. In their case, this meant waiting one year to start the Feeding Program at Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU 700 miles away from home. As Illinois residents, traveling for medical treatment would provide the best care for Alvin, but it would also place immense stress on his family to make suitable living arrangements. Fortunately, the Ronald McDonald House served as a home to Alvin and Eliza for 8 weeks through a hassle-free referral process.  

Eliza discovered the Feeding Program at Children’s Hospital of Richmond through her own research. She communicated with another mother who also stayed at the Ronald McDonald House during her child’s treatment in the Feeding Program at VCU from the DC area through a social media support group. The Feeding Program at Children’s Hospital of Richmond provided comprehensive treatment with an interdisciplinary team of specialists to help Alvin overcome feeding issues and establish good habits. He was even antiviral able to utilize the feeding room at the house which allowed him to practice skills he was learning in therapy. Alvin ate more each day while slowly working his way to a remarkable goal of consuming six ounce meals.

While staying at the house, Eliza was amazed by how many new and returning volunteers were involved every day.  Inspired by volunteers’ caring gestures, Eliza kindly baked cookies for other house guests in between her busy schedule. Eliza already plans to give back when she returns home by serving as a dinner provider for families at one of the Ronald McDonald Houses in Chicago. While Alvin wasn’t busy with his treatment program, he could be found exploring the house (especially the kitchen and shed out back), perched on a large arm chair in the sitting room, or napping in a rocking chair overlooking Monument Avenue. Ronald McDonald House Charities is honored to help yet another family enjoy the comfort of home during a difficult time.