Mission Accomplished in June!

Since mid-April, Michael and his grandmother Andrea have called the Ronald McDonald House their home away from home. Michael suffers from a congenital disease called Hirschprung and the doctors in his home country of Belize were unable to diagnose him or perform the surgery he would need to repair his intestine.

Through Richmond-based organization, World Pediatric Project, Michael was given the opportunity to travel to Richmond to receive medical care at Bon Secours St. Mary’s Hospital. His grandmother would serve as his caregiver during their trip. While staying at the Ronald McDonald House, Michael celebrated his first birthday with a truck-themed party complete with presents, cake, ice cream, volunteers, guests, staff, and even a therapy dog!

“The house has made us feel so comfortable, I never feel alone. The volunteers and staff are so helpful and caring. I’ll always remember and cherish the time they spent sitting and talking with us,” says Andrea.

Michael is recovering from a successful surgery and awaiting their final checkup when he will be cleared to return home to Belize.