Mission Accomplished in July!

When two and a half year old Hadley Crump checked in to the Ronald McDonald House in Richmond, she was only able to eat food by way of a feeding tube. Hadley and her mom, Emily, had traveled from Hampton, Virginia to take part in the Feeding Therapy Program at Children’s Hospital of Richmond at Brook Road. The eight-week-long program would teach Hadley how to eat food by mouth and help to ween her off of the feeding tube.

Because the daily program was more than two hours away from their home, Hadley and Emily utilized the overnight accommodations at Richmond’s Ronald McDonald House, just three miles from the hospital. “It saved us a lot of travel time and a lot of money. I was so grateful to be able to return from the hospital each day to find a home-cooked meal that had been prepared by volunteers. It was such a relief to not have to worry about grocery shopping and cooking, or worry about the expense of eating out.” said Emily.

During their stay, Family Services Intern Reid Wolfe, planned activities for all of the children staying at the house and was particularly sensitive to each child’s age and abilities. “The activities I chose were geared towards improving a toddler’s fine motor skills, color recognition, and sorting. We also did a treasure hunt which focused on following directions and color recognition. When planning the activities for the week, it is important to me to select activities that are engaging for the particular children in the house, but are also educational.”

“The activities planned by Reid was one of our favorite things about our stay,” – Emily.

“Some of Hadley’s favorite activities were finger painting, play-doh, and balloons. I also set-up some toddler-friendly games like ‘pom-pom drop’, ‘place the sticker on the line’, and ‘ball toss’ in the playroom, which were a huge hit.” said Reid.

At the completion of her program, Hadley was eating 40% of her food by mouth. She has weekly therapy visits scheduled to continue to improve on the healthy habits she learned at the program. Hadley and her mom were excited to return home, but will always remember their stay in Richmond and the wonderful bonds they made with other families at the Ronald McDonald House.