Mission Accomplished: December

Born 4 months early, Brady suffered from chronic lung disease and struggled to get the nutrients he needed to grow. Even at 2 years old, he kept having trouble with eating age-appropriate food.

To help him, his parents found an inpatient Feeding Therapy Program in Richmond. Unfortunately, it was four hours from their home. An expense like a 2 month hotel stay just wasn’t reasonable for their family, but, luckily, they were able to turn to RMHC of Richmond for help. They were welcomed with open arms and given the support they needed to make sure Brady could be a part of that program.

“The staff and volunteers became a crucial part of our family, lifting our spirits on difficult days and rejoicing with us on successful days.”

At 4 years old, Brady continues to make progress thanks to the opportunity to participate in that program. Some of his favorite foods are pancakes, yogurt and donuts. Thanks to RMHC of Richmond, Brady and his parents were able to stay close while he received the care he needed.