Meet the Staff: Sarah Wind!

(pictured right)

When is your birthday?

October 19

What is your position here at RMHC of Richmond?

Director of Programs and Medical Partnerships

Where’d you go to school?

Frostburg University and Virginia Commonwealth University

What do you enjoy doing in your time outside work hours?

Outside of work, I enjoy reading and spending time with my family; my husband, Trevor and my two sweet sons, Gwathmey (3) and Elliott (1). As a family, we love to go on long walks, spend time with extended family and friends and explore Richmond.

What do you do for RMHC of Richmond?

As the Director of Programs and Medical Partnerships, I oversee the day to day operations and staff of our House and all of our programs that operate inside the hospital, i.e Happy Wheels, RMH Sibling Center, etc.. I am also responsible for cultivating and maintaining relationships with different medical partners all around Richmond.

What’s your favorite part of working here?

My favorite part of working for RMHC of Richmond is the opportunity to think outside the box to fulfill our mission. The needs of families with children receiving medical care are diverse and finding different ways to adequately help as many families as we can is very rewarding.

What has been one of the most memorable moments from working here?

Every day spent at RMHC of Richmond is full of memorable moments- whether it is the siblings we are helping to keep close by offering a family-friendly environment at the House, or the thankful smiles from moms in the NICU after we have delivered food in the hospital. Every day is full of moments that have a lasting impact on many and that are special to me through working at RMHC of Richmond.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

While in college, I minored in Adventure Sports, which included classes in whitewater rafting, rock climbing, backcountry backpacking and mountain biking.