Meet the Staff: Barb!

Birthday: March 31

What I enjoy doing in my time outside of work: Volunteering with Richmond Animal Care and Control and/or Richmond SPCA. I especially enjoy walking and being around the dogs.

What do I do for RMHC-Richmond: My job title is House Assistant. When I receive a referral for a family that needs a room here at the House the first thing I do is call them to welcome theme to the House and give them an overall explanation of how the House functions, and answer any questions they may have. When a family arrives at the House to check-in the first thing I do is greet them and then go through the check-in paperwork with them. After they’re checked in I give them a tour of the House and answer any questions they may have. After we’ve been through this I take them to their know room so they can relax and unpack if needed.

What is my favorite part of working here: Interacting and getting to know the families. Doing my best to make sure that their time staying at the House is as stress free as possible.

What has been one of the most memorable moments from working here: There are definitely too many to pick from so I’ll just say that each and every family that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting has given me at least one special memory that will always be special for me.

Tell you at least one fun fact about myself: I really enjoy watching animated movies, especially those with animals, specifically dogs. I also love to put in my earbuds and sing along to the artists of the 70’s and 80’s such as Moody Blues and Bruce Springsteen, even though I am most definitely tone-deaf!!