Sharing the Love on Valentine’s Day

Recap by Dayna Cobb, RMHC Richmond Family Room Coordinator Ronald McDonald Houses Charities of Richmond would like to thank Jeniece and Kevin Roane for sponsoring a special pre-Valentine’s Day dinner...
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Chauncey’s Story

Six-month-old Chauncey was born with Chronic Lung Disease. He needed round-the-clock care and was hospitalized in the ICU at Bon Secours St. Mary’s Hospital. With home nearly two hours away...
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Rachel’s Story

After eleven-year-old Rachel began missing a huge amount of 6th grade due to Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and declining mobility, her parents Heather & Jeremy knew they needed to do...
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Reid’s Story

“I think I took his temperature with three different thermometers just to make sure what I saw was right.” says Megan Smith when her one-week-old baby, Reid Christopher, registered a...
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The Dryden Family and RMHC Richmond

Richmond native, Lieutenant Commander Abigail Dryden (Abi), is a Surface Warfare Officer for the United States Navy Reserve currently serving on active duty at the Expeditionary Combat Readiness Command in Norfolk, Virginia. After...
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