Reid’s Story

“I think I took his temperature with three different thermometers just to make sure what I saw was right.” says Megan Smith when her one-week-old baby, Reid Christopher, registered a...
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Myles Booker

“When we first arrived at the hospital, the nurses referred to Myles Booker as the “mystery” baby because his vitals told us he was sick but his demeanor would make...
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The Bonnell Family

Grayson’s battle began when he was three weeks old. As the second child of Jim and Ali Bonnell, mother Ali recognized when Grayson began behaving a little differently. “His sleeping...
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Hudson’s Story

For 26 nights, Hudson Denette and his mother Meagan, called RMHC Richmond’s House on Monument Avenue their “home-away-from-home”. Five-year-old Hudson enrolled in the Feeding Therapy Program at Children’s Hospital of...
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Seth’s Story

In April of 2011 Seth Rawlings of Emporia, Virginia was admitted to Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU. Seth had been diagnosed with a brain tumor requiring emergency surgery. After...
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