Volunteer Spotlight: Sean Cannon

After almost 5 years, we are sad to say goodbye to Sean Cannon, one of our longest standing volunteers, as he embarks on a new journey in life to move out-of-state. Sean...
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Sitting Down with Breanna

This April, RMHC Richmond celebrated our 38th Birthday with cake, Board members, and three special guests: Breanna (age 10), her little sister Kaylee, and her mother Brandy of Nathalie in...
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The Dryden Family and RMHC Richmond

Richmond native, Lieutenant Commander Abigail Dryden (Abi), is a Surface Warfare Officer for the United States Navy Reserve currently serving on active duty at the Expeditionary Combat Readiness Command in Norfolk, Virginia. After...
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Gwyneth’s Story

“Gwyneth was born June 26, 1999, with a heart murmur caused by a bicuspid aortic valve with stenosis. Although her condition was minor, it required regular monitoring by a cardiologist....
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Congratulations 2016 RMHC Scholarship Recipients!

Last night we had a scholarship reception to celebrate the recipients of this years’ RMHC scholarships. These scholarships are funded by a partnership with our local McDonald’s and are very...
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