John Richmond Landscaping

RMHC Richmond is grateful to John Richmond Landscaping for their support with our landscaping needs. Previously, we tried to upkeep our outdoor area with volunteers, but we needed more assistance....
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Pop Top Challenge

River Klammer and Danny Arel made a huge impact to help keep families close at RMHC Richmond this year. River and Danny began an independent project at Bon Air Elementary...
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Sitting down with Amy Atticks

Hi, I’m Marin Faherty, a veteran RMHC Richmond House Volunteer/current Communications & Development Summer Intern, and a VCU student. For my second RMHC Blog post, I interviewed Amy Atticks, RMHC...
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Hoops for the House 2018!

Guest blog by RMHC Richmond intern, Marin Fahrety On Friday, April 20, 2018, the brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity will shoot hoops to make life a little easier for...
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The Dryden Family and RMHC Richmond

Richmond native, Lieutenant Commander Abigail Dryden (Abi), is a Surface Warfare Officer for the United States Navy Reserve currently serving on active duty at the Expeditionary Combat Readiness Command in Norfolk, Virginia. After...
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