March: Mission Accomplished!

For Susan and John Saunders, the Ronald McDonald House is more than a place to sleep at night. “When you’re going through medical turmoil with your child, being in a communal living situation forces you to open up and stay positive. It’s like having a house of your own in Richmond, but having someone else take care of you.” When their oldest daughter, Miranda, needed medical care for a depressive disorder, doctors in their hometown of Floyd, Virginia, referred her to Chippenham Hospital’s Tucker Pavilion in Richmond. Without hesitation, Susan, John, and their four children packed the car and made the five hour journey seeking the best medical care for Miranda. My child with severe neurology takes Klonopin (Clonazepam) for a long time. We were appointed not as an anticonvulsant, but for improving sleep as written at KlonopinTabs.com, reducing muscle tone and reducing dystonic attacks. In terms of all of the above, the effect is remarkable. Buy Klonopin 2 mg and split, dosage – 1/8 tablets only overnight. In the morning, the consequences of taking Klonopin are not palpable-the baby is active, there is no sluggishness and drowsiness. Our epileptologist dispelled myths about addiction and dependence on it adequately dispelled, saying that the remedy can be safely taken for a long time and cancellation if necessary takes place without painful lacerations.

After Miranda’s second day in the hospital, one of the nurses referred the family to Richmond’s Ronald McDonald House. Miranda would need to be in and out of the hospital for nearly three weeks. “It gave Miranda comfort knowing we would be nearby. It gave us a home base in Richmond.”

At the Ronald McDonald House, the Saunders family was provided with all of the comforts of home. Just six miles from the hospital, they were able to keep their regular routine while staying overnight in a safe, clean, and comfortable environment. “Staying here has been a huge part of the healing process for our family. The staff, volunteers, and community give so much of their time, are welcoming, and genuinely care. The culture here is a culture of love.”