John Richmond Landscaping

RMHC Richmond is grateful to John Richmond Landscaping for their support with our landscaping needs. Previously, we tried to upkeep our outdoor area with volunteers, but we needed more assistance. In searching for a landscaping company to help, many thought our yard was too small to be worth the time. 

However, our yard is more than just an aesthetic touch. It is a space where kids make new friends in the playhouse, while adults find a moment of relaxation. The yard- the small space between our door and the rest of Richmond- is our bridge to our community, building connections, and providing a welcoming environment to visitors, volunteers, and families. 

We are so lucky that John Richmond Landscaping came on to tend to our grounds monthly, at no cost to us! This has made a huge difference to us and our yard looks amazing! Denise, of John Richmond Landscaping, expressed “We support RMHC for its outstanding support of families in need of care and compassion and for assisting our Richmond medical community. The RMHC is a true inspiration.”

Thank you John Richmond Landscaping for supporting RMHC Richmond in a unique way!