Being an intern at RMHC of Richmond

I have learned so much while being an intern at Ronald McDonald House. It was great learning about how nonprofits run and how much work is done behind the scenes in order for everything to operate smoothly. I also enjoyed helping plan the Red Shoe BBQ and the Volunteer appreciation event. It’s nice to know that the decorations I planned will be used at the Red Shoe BBQ and my invitation I created was used for the Volunteer appreciation event. The absolute best part about this internship was the skills I acquired through out these past 4 months. Before interning here, I was not confident in my writing skills. When I saw internship or work applications that required writing samples, I would quickly close the application. Thanks to Allison, I have had several opportunities for creative writing including an overview of the Ronald McDonald House Charities and blog posts. Knowing that people actually like my writing has given me the confidence I needed. In addition to that I’ve gained more administrative experience, event planning and marketing skills and I feel very prepared for my first full-time job.

Although I was in the carriage house for the majority of the time, I enjoyed getting to know some of the families and their children. Miracle was an absolute joy getting to know and I enjoyed the activities that we did together. One of my favorite moments with Miracle was coming in the house one morning and finally witnessing her walk. I had seen pictures of her walking but seeing it in person was very heartwarming. . It is something I will definitely remember for the rest of my life. In addition to the families, I’ve enjoyed working with all of the employees here. They have made this internship such a pleasant experience for me and have made me feel like a part of the Ronald McDonald House family.

When I first applied here at Ronald McDonald House I had no idea what to expect. I had done research about the charity but I didn’t truly understand how this organization helped so many children and their families. I definitely plan on volunteering at the house in Northern Virginia after witnessing first hand the great things this organization does. Interning here, has been a wonderful experience and knowing that my work has directly affected many people around the world is an amazing feeling. I am very grateful for the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Richmond and I will always cherish my memories here.