Hudson’s Story

For 26 nights, Hudson Denette and his mother Meagan, called RMHC Richmond’s House on Monument Avenue their “home-away-from-home”. Five-year-old Hudson enrolled in the Feeding Therapy Program at Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU to overcome feeding difficulties and practice healthy eating habits.

For the next month the Denette Family would have to commute daily from Fredericksburg, over an hour drive away from the hospital and the program. Thanks to the Ronald McDonald House, they were able to stay just three miles from the medical care that Hudson needed, while surrounded by the comforts of home, and other families who were experiencing similar medical journeys.

While staying at the House, the Denette family enjoyed getting to know RMHC Richmond volunteers.

“My special memory from our time at the Ronald McDonald House was the night Hudson made slime with a volunteer. It was messy, smelly, and dirty. Hudson has Autism and this was a major milestone for him to overcome and do without getting upset. Hudson looked forward to seeing the volunteers and enjoyed talking and playing with them.”

Volunteers bring RMHC Richmond’s programs to life. In 2017, volunteers donated more than 12,000 hours of time to RMHC Richmond. Activity volunteers visit the house twice a week to provide kid-friendly and age-appropriate crafts and games for children. Additionally, Meal Volunteers prepare and donate home-cooked meals for guests every night.

“I most enjoyed the homemade meals. I’m not a very good cook and these meals helped Hudson and me eat well and stay healthy while staying at the House. One night I came downstairs and I saw my friend and her mother serving as the dinner volunteers that night. It was a great surprise to see familiar faces.”

“Being minutes away from the hospital made early mornings so much easier and we could create a good routine for Hudson. We were really blessed to be able to stay at the Ronald McDonald House,” says Meagan.