February: Mission Accomplished!

Clairiesa Pierre and her son Micah came to the Ronald McDonald House all the way from the tropical island of St. Vincent. In school, Micah, at the tender age of six, was having difficulty with his vision. After visiting their doctor it was discovered that Micah had cataracts, and would require extensive care and surgery to correct his vision.

Clairiesa could not find the care required to correct Micah’s vision in St. Vincent, an island in the Caribbean over 1900 miles away from Richmond, Virginia. Fortunately, Clairiesa was able to find hope through the World Pediatric Project, an organization based out of Richmond whose mission is to link worldwide pediatric surgical, diagnostic, and preventative resources to heal critically ill children in developing countries. They were directly connected to the Virginia Eye Institute and because Micah would need to stay for a two-week period, the World Pediatric Project arranged for the family to stay at the Ronald McDonald House.

In speaking to Clairiesa, she expressed deep gratitude towards the comfort and luxury they felt during their stay in the house. She personally enjoyed the interactions she had with the Ronald McDonald crew, exclaiming that, “The staff is very open and friendly and asks how we’re doing regularly.” She also noted that the Ronald McDonald house “Made life easier because we didn’t have to worry about preparation as much and could get some sleep.”

It is with great pleasure to announce that Micah is well on his way to perfect vision. With only one more surgery, Micah will begin his journey to recovery and will return home to St. Vincent. Clairiesa will never forget the experience she had at the Ronald McDonald House, and is thankful for the opportunities she and her son have been given during this troublesome time.