Dillard’s 2016 Southern Living Holiday Cookbook is here!


We know you’ve been anxiously awaiting it’s arrival- we know we have!  It’s time to start thinking about the holidays- or not- this year’s cookbook let’s you have the option of having a little more year before the holiday season comes flooding in!  Pick it up and you’ll find the typical Dillard’s Southern Living Cookbook filled with recipes to make this holiday season very bright and merry….but flip it over and you’ll find recipes to get you through the rest of the year!  With everything from Lasagna Bolognese to Strawberry-Peach Champagne to Hidden Kiss Cookies there is something for everyone!

Go to Stony Point or Short Pump Dillard’s to get your copy today.  And don’t forget- at just $10 each (all of which benefits RMHC of Richmond) they make excellent gifts for friends, family, coworkers- or even as employee gifts! Take one to the host of your next gathering; buy one for your secret santa! The possibilities are endless and you will truly be embracing the giving spirit of the season- in more ways than one.