December: Mission Accomplished!

When baby X’zayvion, “X”, arrived earlier than expected, his parents Joseph and Titia were scared and worried about the stability of their sweet newborn. X was delivered at Chippenham Hospital, over an hour away from the family’s home in Alberta, Virginia. X would need to stay in the hospital to gain strength and weight before he would be able to go home. Wanting to stay near their hospitalized baby, but unable to afford an extended hotel stay, Titia and Joseph were referred to the Ronald McDonald House.


Richmond’s Ronald McDonald House is located just 6 miles from the hospital allowing Joseph and Titia easy access to spend time with their baby and get updates from his care team on a daily basis. At the house, X’s parents have access to nutritious meals and snacks provided by volunteers, transportation to and from the hospital, and a comfortable place for rest and respite. “We can’t imagine going through this without the services provided by the Ronald McDonald House,” said Joseph.


Baby X continues to grow and improve and his parents are eager for his release from the hospital. Titia and Joseph are proud of their little boy who they say continues to show a fighting spirit.