Community Spotlight- Washington and Lee Students


Every year before school begins at Washington and Lee, incoming students have the opportunity to take part in a weeklong program called Volunteer Venture. Groups of about twenty students go to one of seven cities to take part in giving back to other communities across the East Coast. The program is coordinated and lead by returning students who took part in the program previously. This unique opportunity allows students to become more acquainted with their new classmates and spend the week giving back through meaningful service.

This year, each trip focused on volunteering at different health related organizations. The trip that came to Richmond volunteered here at the Ronald McDonald House Charities. With so many eager students, the group was able to help clean both inside and outdoor areas of the house, anti inflammatory providing a clean environment for families. They also baked delicious cookies for the families to enjoy.

One of the volunteers, Harris Billings, shared his experience volunteering here. He said, “I had a really powerful experience working with the Ronald McDonald House organization because it’s a service my mom used when my sister and I were receiving medical treatment. As a ‘sick kid,’ I never wanted to inconvenience my parents, and I think this organization helps to alleviate that. The normalcy that they provide gives families a sense of control, which would otherwise be lacking. Because of this, volunteering with Ronald McDonald was especially meaningful for me.”

We appreciate all the support and wish them all the best this school year! Thank you Washington and Lee students!