Our Mission  

We work to improve the health and well-being of children. Guiding us in our mission are our core values:

  • Focusing on the critical needs of children
  • Celebrating the diversity of the programs we offer and the staff, volunteers and donors who make them possible.
  • Staying true to our heritage of 40 years of responsible stewardship.
  • Operating with accountability and transparency.

Our Vision

When you change a child’s life, you change a family’s, which can change a community, and ultimately the world. We strive to be part of that change and part of the solution in improving the lives of children and their families by providing programs that strengthen families during their most difficult or challenging times.

We extend our reach and impact by leveraging our 40 years of experience and strong relationships with the Greater Richmond community and people in the field to continually help those in need. We work to improve and expand our core programs, while also developing new services to address the unique needs of the community we serve.

We don’t do it alone. We rely on our strong relationships with the medical community to provide access to health care. We rely on strategic alliances with organizations that have the knowledge and infrastructure to extend our reach. We rely on you – our donors, volunteers, staff and friends.

For more details, read our 2019 Impact Report and Annual Report.